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Wonder Bread Factory

Photo © 2018 David Bulit, Wonder Bread Factory - Memphis, Tennessee

Located in the Edge District of Memphis, Tennessee, the Wonder Bread factory was built in 1921, the same year that Taggart Baking Company of Indianapolis, Indiana launched the Wonder Bread brand. The brand was named by Elmer Cline, vice president for merchandising development, who was filled with “wonder” at the sight of hundreds of balloons

U.S. Marine Hospital

Photo © 2016 David Bulit, U.S. Marine Hospital - Memphis, Tennessee

The marine hospital opened in 1884 in the historic French Fort neighborhood and consisted of six buildings – the surgeon’s house, a stable, the executive building, two wards, and the nurses quarter. The facility was originally used to treat Civil War soldiers and to conduct scientific research in hopes of finding a cure for yellow

Ashlar Hall

Photo © 2016 David Bulit, Ashlar Hall - Memphis, Tennessee

Robert Brinkley Snowden was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 9th, 1869, six weeks before his father, Colonel Robert Bogardus Snowden, purchased Annesdale mansion. His mother, Annie Overton Brinkley Snowden, was the daughter of Colonel Robert C. Brinkley, one of the largest property owners in early Memphis and owner of the original Peabody Hotel in

100 North Main

Photo © 2016 David Bulit | 100 North Main, Memphis, Tennessee

Built in 1965, 100 North Main is the tallest building in Memphis, Tennessee, standing at 430 feet with 37 floors. Since its construction, it has remained a focal point of the Memphis riverfront skyline. The building was designed by Robert Lee Hall, of Memphis’ largest office building (based on square footage), Clark Tower, as well