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Camp Algiers

Photo © 2017 David Bulit, Camp Algiers - New Orleans, Louisiana

Camp Algiers was an internment camp located in New Orleans, Louisiana which housed Jewish refugees originally labeled as Nazi sympathizers. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Roosevelt administration authorized the United States to detain allegedly potentially dangerous enemy aliens, known as the Enemy Alien Control Program ran by the State Department. FBI

Azalea Original Pet Cemetery

Photo © 2017 David Bulit, Azalea Original Pet Cemetery - New Orleans, Louisiana

The Azalea Original Pet Cemetery was the site of multiple murders including the killings of the cemetery owner, Dorothy Thompson, daughter of the cemetery’s founder, Grace Wynne. The story begins sometime in the mid-1910s when Grace Agnes Matt married John “Jack” Thompson, both 22 years old at the time, in Kansas City, Missouri. Six years